About Me

Hello, I’m Chad. I’m obsessed with all things finance and programming. You're probably here from my Youtube Channel. If you want to get better at data science, you can check out my course. If you want to get in contact or build some cool stuff with me, keep scrolling.

What I do

I run Greyhound Analytics, a consultancy firm specialising in automated trading systems. We work very closely with our clients to custom-build a solution that works for them. We own the whole process, from architecting the system to building the backend, launching a web app for easy monitoring, and deploying everything to the cloud for maximum reliability and uptime.

We build bots trading crypto, equities, NFTs, and everything else in the metaverse with Python and a sprinkling of JS for our front-ends.

Shoot me an email

You can contact me at: chad@greyhoundanalytics.com

Check your spam folder if you haven't gotten a reply after a few days

If you'd like to send me encrypted mail, my gpg key is here. You can check the fingerprint on the "about" tab of my youtube channel. Make sure to include your own public key.