Chad Thackray

Chad Thackray

Software developer and YouTube extraordinaire.

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About Me

Hello, I’m Chad. I’m obsessed with all things finance and programming. You’re probably here from my Youtube Channel, where I teach traders how to build tools in python.


I run Greyhound Analytics, a consultancy firm specialising in automated trading systems.

I help my clients improve their trading and strategy generation infrastructure. Fixing optimization bottlenecks, recommending frameworks, and providing personalized help with accomplishing their goals.

Some things I’ve built for my clients:

My ideal clients are traders who are looking to get serious and build their own infrastructure, migrating away from commercial apps like TradingView.


You can contact me at:

Check your spam folder if you haven’t gotten a reply after a few days

If you’d like to send me encrypted mail, you can use my gpg key. You can check the fingerprint on the “about” tab of my youtube channel. Make sure to include your own public key in your correspondence.